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Light of live..........

I am fascinated by lives, their origins, developments, desires, dreams and truths. I am inspired by the light around persons or props.I use glass, wood, iron, copper and recycled things for my creations and always work with a combination of materials. As a theatre designer I think in terms of images, films and parts of films. All objects are parts of that film. To me a matter of course. For the audience often mysterious, but at the same time so visual and clear that they speak for themselves. My film or my explanations do not always matter. The intention with which I create objects and desires often make further explanation superfluous. I like clear language. Therefore I often create clear images. But I also like decorating, beautifying things, creating an atmosphere. It may take years to finish a series of objects. It is like digging up old fossils. They slowly develop under my hands, sometimes by working, but often by living and giving shape to events. I create the frozen moment. It is me who stops time and no one else. Although I experience the way no one else does, I would like to share, like ancient peoples, instinctively. Existing for thousands of years and yet new. Time has been frozen. Time is consciousness. Who needs a watch? A world of time. I am making the next film.

Ans Bakker: Searching