Jacob Bos 27-07-1963 Leeuwarden

Glass for me is a discovery tour. The possibilities are infinite. Hardness
and vulnerability two contrary properties linked to this material. The
game of light on glass and the influence off its surroundings ensure a
contantly changing picture.

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My fascination for drawing was encouraged by my grandfather. He was a
farmer, and loved horses. When I was a little boy I sat by him at the
kitchen table. On a peace off paper he good draw a horse in several
positions. He had an eye for the beauty of this noble animal. The
pleasure I found in drawing became larger in the years. Oil painting,
also black and white photography formed an eye for detail and
composition. After my architectural education, I wend to the army. As a
trainings-instructor, I gained that judgment of character. After my
time as soldier, I sought for work. By the department of employment, I
did a choice of career test. And I was offered on basis of my drawings
a training period by a local Painter "Rob Hessels?. The plan of this
was to combine this with a study at the art academy. It has gone
otherwise. I got a job offer for assistant-head of department. And in
the meantime I followed several management studies. I remained
committed to this firm for 18 years. It didn?t give me the satisfaction I wanted so I chose for my talent. My
fascinations for glass is actually developed through coincidence. A
challenge has brought me to engrave on glass. That challenge I took up.

Jacob Bos