Artist statement

My Pictures are abstract. They are pictures of me, composed like music from forms layered in my memory during my life - for you to play and listen to as music from your experiencies in life. I hope it will be worth the effort for you.
Warmest regards

Ragnhild Lunden



Member of BBK Germany;KRO Sweden and I.A.A. (International Artists Association)

Counties and communities in Sweden and Denmark,The Luleå Norrbotten Museum,Sweden; ABC Gallery Osaka,Toronto Metro Convention Centre Toronto Canada and the Theodore Museum of Contemporary Art; Leipziger Gewandhaus Symphonic Orchestra in Leipzig Germany, Mac Ouairy University Sculpture Park Sydney Australia

(I started to exhibit 1990)
I have had numerous exhibitions in different countries, separate as well as in groups.
For instance :Sweden The Gothenburg Art Museum,Luléå Norrbotten County Museum , the Art Associations in Gothenburg and Växjö ;Denmark the Bröndbyarne(Copenhagen)City Hall and the Brande City Hall,the Herning University for Art and Design ; Switzerland, England, Germany; Galerie der Künstler( Bayerns Art Association); Japan,the Osaka Triennale of Painting at Mydome and ABC Gallery(art Museum),in Tokyo- part of the Sweden-Japan Campaign with a separate exhibition at the Embassy of Sweden; Canada Toronto ,Theodore Museum of Contemporary Art and the Metro Toronto Convention Centre; Australia participant in the Swedish promotion of Design and Arts in Sydney .The Gothenburg Art Asociation; The Jorda Nationa Galler of Fine Art

Signs of Nature
Cow preriod
period of the lips
anti vilence period
triangle period
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Ragnhild Lunden: It is the Everyday Life that Counts
It is the Everyday Life that Counts