TALIDARI - bridge to the 4D

Under name Talidari are Natalija & Darius Domin, Slav multi-media artists, coming from Croatia and Poland, but based in Düsseldorf, Germany.

We are in profession to employ arts to fill everyone’s reality with beauty and magic. As fairyland ambassadors, we aspire to build the bridges between the 3D world and the 4th dimension, our homeland, by means of arts, as well as encourage everyone to listen to their third ear when looking at artpieces in order to find the key for lightness of being.

We have a strong sense of artistic independence, taking satisfaction in designing our own course rather than following the trends or tutorials. Talidari name has been synonymous with audacity, extraordinary and nonconforming.

In our modern collection, we portray the symbolic quality of things, instead of the things themselves since we know that each individual interpretation of reality is what counts. In other words, we don’t paint, say, just an image, nor imageness (essence of an image), but imagination – that what an image represents to each of us individually in the greater scheme of things.
Style: la-di-da (colorful larger-than-life images on multi-formed canvases with Lady Di star quality)
Beautify your space with the newest la-di-da wall accessories.
Square is out, multiforma is a go-go!
Square paintings inspire square thinking!
Talidari paintings are haute couture of the art world. Hi-Fashion garments for the third skin. Each piece is one of a kind and on the extravagant note.

To see our body we use a mirror,
to see our mind we use other people,
but to see our soul we use a work of art.

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