FEELINGS by the Swedish artist Ragnhild Lundén

My pictures are abstract. They are pictures of me,composed of my memories. In the meeting with your experiences in life,they may come alive and become very unique.
This is the artist statement of Ragnhild Lundén. A statement that becomes very much true when you are hit by the colourful power of her paintings. Previously, in the cross culture project " Dance of Visions" Lunden´s abstract art became an exciting tour of the Middle East. The recent works shown in the exhibition INTUITION & IMAGINATION are images of the artists inner life. If You look carefully you might even discover pieces left from Lundens days as a virologist.
ragnhild Lunden was born and works in Gothenburg on the Swedish west Coast. The works of Lundén has been appreciated around the world in various exhibitions, both separarately and in groups with other artits.In 2007 Lundén created together with Dr. Khalid Khreis the project " Dance of Visions". This resulted in exhibitions at the Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts in Amman, Jordan as well as at the exhibition centre Röda Sten in Gothenburg, Sweden. Leading artists from Jordan and Sweden wanted to show that art is a true cross cultural feeling bringing people of different ethnical background together. It is a good feeling


Strong Bird 60x40cm acrylic on aluminium plate