A picture perfect life in world of art
Artist Susan Hippe tells DANIEL JUDGE how a career-ending injury reawakened her desire to paint.

After her career in ballet was cut short by knee a injury at the age of 28, Susan,Hippe decided to followa childhood ambition and become an artist. Six years, a new language and an art degree later, she is well on her way to making a name for herself in the vibrant and buzzing world of the London art scene. Born in Johannesburg, Susan has lived in Denmark, America, Germany and France, but it was Wimbledon she decided to make her home after completing an art degree at the Roehampton Institute - now the University ot Surrey Roehampton. Exciting "I chose Wimbledon because it is near to where I studied in Roehampton and I really wanted to stay in London because it is such an exciting place to be for an artist," says Susan. "The good thingabout the area is that you are out of the mess of London but you can get back into it very quickly and it is a nice place - there is the village and the Common, and there is a market for my art here as well."